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End to End solutions to tackle all Marketplace and Amazon Challenges
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What organisation should I put in placee?

What is the turnover potential on eRetail?

How can I maximise my ROAS?

How do I improve my customer experience on Amazon?

What type of assests should I build?

How much should I invest on Amazon Advertising?

What is the impact of TV and Social on eRetail sales?

How can I optimise my tech stack for eRetail results?

Who sells my products? and at what advertised price?

How can I in-house?

Retail 4 Brands is your business partner at each step of the retail lifecycle

 Should you want to launch a last minute campaign or launch a new product, Retail 4 Brands dedicated team of integrated specialists can support you at each step of the Retail life cycle

Retail Strategy From long term strategy to short term actions orchestration.

eRetail StratEgY

At Retail 4 Brands, we maximise each marketplace Amazon opportunity to amplify your incremental revenue. Feed by data – From Amazon, industry and other Marketplaces), Retail 4 brands will analyse category trends, crossing with brands business data, anticipates competitor behavior to put in place the best possible strategies in order to maximise product short term profitability and long term opportunities. Orchestrating the different agency specialists, the retail strategists is the architect of retail performance. Orchestrating the different agency specialists, the retail strategists is the architect of retail performance.

Ensures the best Retail Experience for Customers on Marketplaces

Retail Customer Experience

Should be designing content, tracking buy box, or handling reviews, our obsession at Retail 4 Brands is giving your brands and products the best possible Customer experience; a Customer experience that needs to be consistent in each market but in line with market specificities. We optimise our content towards Amazon Retail Readiness; shooting high definition pictures, copywriting insightful titles and product description, editing real situation videos or by creating enhanced formats such as Amazon A+ content or Stores. More than anything client reviews serve as beacons in the Marketplace wilderness, we have a set up a unique process to monitor reviews and handle negative reviews. At Retail 4 Brands, we manage customer experience through creative process optimized through our technological solutions and boosted by human.

Retail Activation Retail Advertising at the service of sales amplification on marketplaces

eRetail Activation


At Retail 4 Brands, we have adapted Data Media Planning and Trading principles to Retail Media Opportunities mostly managed in self service but connected to our retail media partners to benefit from closed betas. We connect 1st and Amazon data to maximise product sells and acquisition of new clients. We exploit solutions from search retail to otpimise sales, programmatic retargeting to increase the lifetime value of clients or video solutions to ensure product discoverability. Each Media Opportunity is maximised through processes, talents and machine learning.

Leveraging Marketplace to drive Actionable Strategic Insight to drive sales and customer knowledge.

eRetail Data science

Amazon’s data is decentralized (between ARAP, Sponsored Products & Brands, Amazon DSP) and therefore underutilized by brands, Retail 4 Brands has therefore put in place a unique reconciliation protocols to connect heterogeneous sources of data, activable through a unique data suite. Feeding each step of the retail lifecyle by bringing unique strategic insights to the Retail Strategist, Content Improvement to the Retail Designer or unique real time optimization routes to our Retail Planer. With a unique knowledge of marketplace media solutions, we have put in place proprietary algorithms to inform and automate content creation and real-time advertising optimization. By connection to external factors such as TV or Social Advertising, Retail 4 Brands created market unique solution to measure the real contribution of each media chanel to Retail Performance.

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